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Friday, May 29, 2015
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Practical Tool

CCVO Government Relations Portal The Calgary Chamber of Voluntary Organizations has launched an online portal of resources, tips and templates to help charities and nonprofits participate in government engagement.

The toolkit brings together resources from different well trusted Canadian sources (Maytree, Max Bell Foundation). It is a provincially focused resource (Alberta), however, it also has a national scope and is helpful for organizations throughout Canada. The following is a brief outline of the key areas:

  • Advocacy: participating in public policy, knowing the rules
  • Government 101 - how provincial/ federal government works, what is legislation.
  • Data & details: fact sheets and data.
  • How-to guides: determining if your organization is ready to engage in policy work, assessing which tactics to use to?have the most impact, how to meet with politicians.

Most applicable to: Policy and advocacy officers, those with responsibilities in government relations.

Visionary report

Independent Sector 9 Key Trends
In working on our own strategic framework, Imagine Canada has been learning about future trends that will impact how charities support society. One of the more interesting finds has been this report on 9 key trends from the Independent Sector (a U.S. organization similar to Imagine Canada). Two insights that caught our eye were: 1) technology is fundamentally changing the way individuals engage with causes in “swarms of loose networks” 2) interaction with institutions and government policy will change as a result of this new way of networking.

Most applicable to: Organization leaders (CEO/ED, Board members, etc.)?

Research and Trends

The Impact and Value of Volunteer Time
Valuing volunteer time is more than a simple calculation as Volunteer Canada points out in their recent blog post: ?Value of Volunteering: A National Dialogue on Measuring Impact. There are significant social and economic impacts to volunteering. For those who are seeking refreshed numbers around the value of volunteer time, the Independent Sector recently released the estimated hourly average Value of Volunteer time in the U.S.?at $23 an hour and a total value of?$173 billion in 2013. This new data also shows the change over time from 2001 (below $17/hour). To see data on current Canadian wages, visit Statistics Canada’s most recent?summary of industry data. We recently retired the?Volunteer Value Calculator tool (aging befalls us all, unfortunately,?including IT)?but you can still use the?calculation?models?available in the following two guidebooks:
Assigning economic value to volunteer activity : eight tools for efficient program management.?(2002, Canadian Centre for Philanthropy)

What volunteers contribute : calculating and communicating value added. (2002, Canadian?Centre for Philanthropy)

Research about the communications modes used by different generations.
Charitable and nonprofit organizations?communicate to a wide range of generations and with multiple technologies and media, this task is more complicated than ever! Les modes de communication au Québec à travers les générations (2013, CEFRIO),?a?Quebec-based study, looks at very specific age groups and their use of different technology and media in their communication habits. This very comprehensive study is?useful to organization leaders, communicators and fundraisers in both framing and targeting the medium for your message. ?(Available in French only)

Most applicable to: Communicators, Fundraisers, and Marketing professionals.?

Have you been wondering how social finance will shape the nonprofit sector?
Challenges to implementing social finance policy in Canada?
by Ele Pawelski, for?The Philantrhopist helps clarify the recent history of the federal government’s interest in social finance initiatives (1) social investment funds, (2) social enterprises or social purpose businesses, and (3) social impact bonds. This article recognizes the potential of these tools, yet raises the concern that they are new and complex for both charitable organizations and government policy makers to implement.

Most applicable to: organization leaders, social entrepreneurs, public policy experts

Essential webinars

Tips and Traps of the T3010
Jacqueline M. Demczur (B.A., LL.B partner at Carters Professional Corporation), walks you through the T3010 in order to provide a practical understanding of its content and why it is relevant to charities.?View the webinar?|?Download presentation?

Most applicable to:?Financial officers, E.D.s and board members overseeing financial responsibility.?

Board Meetings 101
Theresa L.M. Man (LL.B., partner at Carters Professional Corporation) presents this one hour webinar to review the difficult issues arising from board meetings and how to effectively resolve them. View the webinar | Download presentation.?

Most applicable to: Board members, Executive Directors, Operations Officers

Join?the next webinar!

Volunteer Agreements: Managing Volunteer Relations and Reducing Risk Plus Employment Law Update, presented by Barry Kwasniewski?(Carters Professional Corporation). (sign up)

June 18, 2015 at 13:00 h EST Join Barry W. Kwasniewski for a one hour webinar that will assist organizations in foreseeing and addressing the potential legal liabilities arising from the use of volunteers, as well as how risk management strategies can reduce these liability risks, how Volunteer Agreements can be used as a way of better managing volunteer relations and reducing the legal risks, as well as a discussion of some changes to the Ontario employment statutes made over the past year.


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