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Benefits of European Hotel Social Pinboard

Pinboard users are looking to be inspired!

With a bit of planning and some time spent browsing, your hotel can create quite the presence on our social media site. Before you go pinning all the things, however, just be sure you are clear on your goal. Although your hotel images on EU Hotel Pinboard could lead to a boost in traffic to your website, the ultimate benefit of pinning is engagement.

According to Google, the 5 stages of travel start with a dream. Most of the users on Pinterest and other similar Pinboards are sharing images of future plans, or where they hope to visit. This is the perfect time for hotels to interact with users and make it onto their travel boards.

As we learned the most successful hotels on Pinterest have a wide range of pins: everything from local attractions to cute animal photos. Just post a variety of images to EU Hotel Pinboard that users are likely to re-pin, not necessarily focusing all of your pins on hotel-specific images.

The main benefits of pinning images to Eu Hotel Pinboard are based on five main areas:

  • It is important to showcase your hotel with inspiring photos. Pinning images from your hotel website provides users with a direct link to your hotel website, potentially providing a small boost to your web traffic.
  • Along with creating various boards for your room photos and amenities, a board with local attractions will really give users a feel for your hotel area.
  • Wedding planning ideas and tips are extremely popular on Pinterest and other pinboards. If your hotel has a beautiful wedding location, just pin it.
  • Having a travel-themed board is important in your hotel's pinboarding strategy. This could include some great travel gadgets or travel games for children - things your guests would be interested in.
  • Vintage Hotel and travel photos could boost interest as well since they are pretty popular nowadays. This would be a great board if your hotel is housed in an historic building, or has a rich history. Vintage images from your local area would also be great for engagement, as you would capture the attention of those familiar with your city and capture the imagination of others in the Pinterest community.

In summary EU Hotel Pinboard offers a unique opportunity for hotels with a strong gallery of beautiful photography. Not only does EU Hotel Pinboard get your hotel images (and website link!) in front of potential guests, but pinning is a great way to engage potential guests.