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The building's history

In the 1820s the owner of the site where the Hungária Spa later stood, the silk trader, András Gamperl, discovered cold water rich in mineral salts while digging a well, and on May 23, 1827, he opened the Gamperl Iron Spa. However, the 1838 Pest flood, washed away that first building, and the Pest residents began to refer to the rebuilt spa by the name of Hungária from the 1840s. At that time and up until the 1920s, the spa consisted of a huge block bordered by Wesselényi utca, Nyár utca and Klauzál utca (on the plots at Dohány utca 42 and 46 today). Around 1890, the Nyár utca wing was reconstructed significantly based on the plans of Imre Novák, and the bathhouse operating earlier with just 15 tubs was expanded.