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The building's history

In the 1920s the Hungária Spa entered the ownership of Ingatlanbank. In the Nyár utca wing of the spa Continental Hotel was opened, the public spa on Klauzál utca was demolished, and in its place a six-story art deco block of flats was built in 1929 based on the plans of László Vágó (today Dohány utca 46.). In the remaining art nouveau-style part of the building, the Kamara Motion Picture Theatre opened, which from the 1950s made way for several theatres operating for relatively short periods of time. Performances were given there by the Bányász (later Honvéd) Theatre, the Fővárosi Nagy Varieté, and finally the Tarka Stage until 1963. From 1965 the neighbouring Continental Hotel used certain parts of the increasingly neglected former Hungária Spa, but when the hotel closed its gates in 1970, the spa building became more and more rundown.