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The building's history

In 1996 a foreign-owned company purchased the sites, and wished to build a 210-room thermal spa hotel in the place of the Hungária Spa and the former Continental Hotel, which by then had been razed to the ground, preserving the spa’s main façade and first staircase. In September 2001 the relevant authorities did not approve the demolition, and asked for guarantees regarding the protection of the building’s main facade and first staircase. The committee for the protection of the city image ordered the investor to carry out measures to protect the substance of the building within half a year. Those measures were not carried out and in fact the rear swimming pool area collapsed as a result of the owner’s earlier demolition work, so in summer 2002 the building was declared a safety risk and the owner was obliged to fully demolish the entire rear tract. In summer 2004 the National Office of Cultural Heritage ordered the interim protection of buildings at risk in the area of the former Pest Jewish ghetto, including the Hungária Spa. On February 7, 2005 the remaining section of the spa was declared a listed building.